February 8, 2016



The Enlightenment Café, as a concept, can be scaled up and down to meet the demands of any event – we have created custom projects for clients including National Museums of Scotland, Kings Cultural Institute, Kew Gardens, Secret Garden Party, Big Bang Fair, Google and Hendricks Gin.  These projects have covered a range of subjects including DNA, dreams and even the science of cocktails.


Hendricks Gin



The Enlightenment Café were regular curators of the Hendricks Carnival of Knowledge.  Collaborations included the Festival of Dreams (Brighton Fringe) and Science of Cocktails (London Cocktail Festival).

These events were a mixture of curious theatrical happenings and interactive workshops.

The Festival of Dreams included a Dream Laboratory where dreams were stimulated by different sensory inputs. Following this experience the participant created a work of art. Finally psychiatrist, Dr. Bryony Crowe, helped the audience explore the meaning of their artistic endeavours before adding it to the Dream Laboratory Gallery.

The Science of Cocktails included a collaboration with Steve Pearce, CEO of flavour and fragrance firm Omega Ingredients.  Through an interactive session the audience learnt about the subtle magic of the Martinez and the science behind a Sazerac.




National Museums Scotland



Zombies In The Museum was an Enlightenment Café production for National Museums Scotland. It was part of Scotland Creates, a national project working with partner museums, young adults and creative partners to increase youth engagement in Museums.  Zombies In The Museum was devised through a series of meetings with young people at National Museums of Scotland and as such was made by young adults for young adults.

The Concept: An evil genius has hatched a plan to turn the population of Scotland into zombies. During routine renovations to the National Museum of Scotland, ten crates were admitted to the building containing new exhibits. One of them is not what it seems. Join the National Museum’s Citizen Defence Force and help us locate the source of infection before it’s too late!

This event included collaborations with Edinburgh University, The Roslin Institute, Science Ceilidh and Renegade Science.



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