The Enlightenment Café


"Thrillingly Immediate"

"Cleverly Concieved"
The Guardian

The Enlightenment Café is a unique project combining the beauty of science with the power of performance – bringing together theatre, education and spectacle in a dynamic, participatory and entertaining series of events. The idea comes from the Enlightenment Cafés of the 17th Century (also known as Penny Universities). These social hubs were 'theatres of exchange' for new thinking in science and philosophy, in politics and arts. These coffeehouses were magnets for talent. Ideas spread, wits and virtuosi sparked off one another, and experiments were conducted. Through collaboration with enlightened individuals we wish to heal what TS Eliot described as the dissociation of sensibility – the false dichotomy between art and science.

Best Experiental Event - Scottish Event Awards
The Chairmans Award - Scottish Event Awards
Best Stem Project – N.C.C.P.E. Engage Awards

  • of our audience consider Enlightenment Café productions to be enjoyable.

  • thought provoking.

  • informative

  • increase support for cause in question.